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Bespoke lawn care & gardening services

Fescue is an Independent local, friendly, reliable company based in Sherbourne, working across the South West specialising in Professional lawn care treatments and garden services.

Providing comprehensive maintence plans tailored to suit your lawn and garden throughout the year. From one off visits to regular lawn treatments and gardening. Dedicated to delivering the very highest standards and quality work to give you the lawn and garden you have always wanted. The hassle free option allowing you to sit back relax and enjoy the garden.

Domestic and commercial packages available.


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Lawn treatments

Independent bespoke treatments tailored to you and your lawn ensuring a healthy weed and moss free lawn. Complementary lawn surveys included.

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Soft landscaping

All aspects of work covered to bring your garden to life. Practical help and advice available.

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Garden maintenance

From a general tidy up to regular visits and maintenance. Keeping driveways and paths weed free, mulching flower boarders to painting sheds and fences.

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Turfing & seeding

Whether you are after the instant results of turf or are looking to establish areas from seed we use the very highest quality turf and seed suppliers to deliver the best results.

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Hedge cutting & pruning

Keep your hedges looking great all year round. Regular trimming throughout the year to harder pruning in winter.

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For all your planting needs from summer bedding, herbaceous shrubs and annuals through to hedge and tree planting.

Lawn care programme

Fescue is a friendly, professional and independent lawn care service. Providing individual bespoke hassle-free treatment programmes using the very best products tailored to your lawn, providing you with a green weed and moss free healthy lawn. Drawing upon a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring your lawn to life with expert guidance.

With prices starting from as little as £8 per month or £25 for a one off application bespoke lawn care need not be as expensive as often thought.

Lawn treatments and mowing can be scheduled and planned around any special events you may have planned for the year be it a birthday celebration, party or BBQ meaning your lawn will be looking at its very best for the big occasion.

Regular treatments:



A combination of granular and liquid fertilizer to kick start your lawn after winter. A moss treatment will take care of any encroachment. This is an ideal time to scarify the lawn and remove thatch providing the perfect start to the year.

Early summer

Early summer

A granular fertilizer and weed kill will keep the lawn green and any weeds at bay. The slow release fertilizer feeds the lawn into mid summer. An additional liquid feed and mix of seaweed and nutrients ensures the lawn is in good health. Any remaining weeds will be sprayed for ensuring the lawn is weed free.

Late summer

Late summer

A liquid fertilizer and feed containing micro nutrients and amino acids provide quick recovery and boost the lawn after a long summer. A wetting agent application means the lawn will survive in hot conditions.



A perfect time to carry out work to the lawn after the summer months and ensure the lawn is in good condition going into winter. A granular fertilizer application combined with moss control is vital. Work to scarify and remove excess thatch and moss is best done now. Over seeding and top dressing will fill in any gaps and keep the sward thick and green. The granular fertilizer will encourage root growth as winter approaches. Aeration will relieve compaction caused over the summer, aid drainage and aid root development.


This involves mechanically making lots of holes with either a solid tine or hollow coring which removes a small plug of soil. Aerating is vital in relieving compaction, aids drainage and allows air to get to the roots.


Important in removing thatch and moss which can impede the health of your lawn. Rotating blades pluck out the debris allowing the grass to breathe and creates the ideal environment for over seeding.

Top dressing

This involves spreading a blended layer of sand, soil and loam over the surface of the lawn after scarifying and over seeding. It allows for faster seed germination as well as filling in any thin areas and humps and hollows.

Over seeding

Over-seeding is important in maintaining a healthy lawn. Over time the grass plants reproduction rate slows down. The major benefits of over-seeding your lawn annually are that it ensures your lawn stays thick and dense. Areas that have become sparse will become thick and lush again. Thick grass will have fewer weeds, providing that it is cut at the correct height. The correct choice of seed is important depending on the type and use of the lawn.

Mowing service

Mowing is an essential and important task in creating a healthy lawn. Lawn mowing is available as a one off or regular service. A nice striped appearance is the perfect finish to a great looking lawn. Help and advice can be given on general mowing including the height of cut and setting up of your lawn mower.

About me

Golf green

Alistair Main

Head Greenkeeper
With over 19 years experience of working in the greenkeeping and landscape industry. I am qualified to the highest industry standards, specializing in turf, plant and soil biology.
I have studied at Ohio State University and spent 2 years working in the USA. In addition I am qualified with PA1,2,6 spraying certificates and chainsaw license. I have a passion for turf, lawns and gardens.

Working as a Head Greenkeeper on both tournament and high end private golf courses I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in understanding the needs of turf, grass and lawns.
Always working to the highest standards with bespoke products I believe even the smallest garden should be presented to the highest standard. I am a dedicated turf professional with the greenkeeping skills and high standards of presentation to give you the lush green healthy lawn you have always wanted. A beautiful lawn and garden will enhance your home and allow you to enjoy the outdoor space with family and friends.

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